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Escuela para perros


Regardless whether one has known his dog from puppy age, or obtained it from a shelter or even from an animal welfare organization – many dog owners encounter problems during the education of their dog, which often result from a lack of knowledge of the natural behaviour of our beloved four-legged friends.


It would often be easier if one would try to perceive the world from the dog’s perspective. In her dog school Petra develops and deepens this perception with the owner. Because this  community needs rules and your dog is happiest when he knows exactly where he belongs and what he is allowed to do.


In addition, she offers nutritional advice, naturopathy and homeopathy as well as natural raw food





Petra's PYM Sineu SL
Escuela para perros
Ctra. Sineu - Lloret
Phone +34 671 697 130
By appointment only